Our dear friend and founding member of Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation, Aris Anagnos (December 16, 1923 - July 23, 2018), loved ballet and Cuban culture.

Aris Anagnos, Suzanne Thompson and Alice Stek

In honor of Aris’ life-long dedication to peace and human rights activism, the Foundation is excited to announce its collaboration with, photographer Rebekah Bowman to share Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet, an exhibition and book, published by Nazraeli Press with a broad international audience.

Alicia Alonso and Rebekah - Photo by Mauricio Abreu

At this crucial moment in history, marked by harsher sanctions and tighter restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba, Bowman’s images offer a glimpse into one of Cuba’s lesser photographed cultural gems. The result of a six-year-long, behind-the-scenes study of ballet practice on the island, the images showcase the spirit, resilience, and dedication to arts education by the students and teachers of Havana’s Cuban National Ballet School.

What began as a curiosity about ballet history in Cuba has become a kind of personal testimony to the ideals that sustain Cuban people in the face of so much adversity.


Rebekah Bowman

In keeping with its mission, the Foundation will partner with cultural institutions to present a traveling exhibition of Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet throughout the US and Europe. Art historian and lecturer, Gregorio Luke, Cuba expert, Bob Schwartz, and others will lend their voices and expertise to concurrent panel discussions and lectures around Cuban ballet history and arts education as well as US policy toward Cuba.

What an accomplishment! Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet by Rebekah Bowman is beautiful and inspiring. From every angle the book is a WINNER. It provides us with a vision of Cuba that goes beyond politics and controversy. Who can argue with the obvious talent and dedication of these children or the quality of their school?

Gregorio Luke

Please join us in honoring this extraordinary man by making a tax-deductible contribution to Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation. Your contribution will help bring the exhibition to cultural venues around the world, furthering appreciation and greater understanding of Cuban art, culture and history.

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