At this crucial moment in history, marked by harsher sanctions and tighter restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba, Bowman’s images offer a glimpse into one of Cuba’s lesser photographed cultural gems. The result of a six-year-long, behind-the-scenes study of ballet practice on the island, the images showcase the spirit, resilience, and dedication to arts education by the students and teachers of Havana’s Cuban National Ballet School.

This book and exhibition project has been a seven year long labor of love. At this fragile and uncertain time in US-Cuban relations, I’m grateful to Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation for making it possible to share the work with audiences in the US and Europe in honor of Aris Anagnos's lifelong commitment to peace, human rights and social justice.

We hope the images inspire understanding and appreciation for Cuban culture and the idea of accessible art education as an essential public service.
- Rebekah Bowman